We are pleased to receive the Award for Heritage & Cultural Experts of the Year 2020 - Southeast Asia from LUXlife Magazine UK (press release)

The Guide to Malaysia, Leisure Guide Publishing Sdn Bhd, 2014 - "For traditional arts and crafts in the capital, Pucuk Rebung at Suria KLCC Mall is a good place to start. Antiquities, old wooden carvings, and glittering jewerllery and adornments flood the store-cum-museum, taking visitors on a trip through Malaysia's past."

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Monsoon Guides, Shopping for Antiques & Collectibles, Singapore & Malaysia, 2003/4, Monsoon Books Pte Ltd, 2003 - "High-end collection of Malay jewellery, kris, textiles, Peranakan porcelain, brassware, Malay silverware, caping, pending, Iban artefacts and other Borneo tribal art and Mah Meri masks. Gallery's excellent private collection of museum pieces also on display."

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Museums of Southeast Asia, Iola Lenzi, Archipelago Press, 2004 - "A museum-style space attached to the high-end commercial gallery of the same name. Tribal art, textiles, metalware and more are shown."

Insight City Guide Kuala Lumpur, Insight Print Services (Pte) Ltd, 2007 - "Owned by Malaysian antiques enthusiast Henry Bong, this is both a gallery and shop space, with excellent displays of beautiful Malaysian antiques, arts and crafts, fabrics and objet d'art. These goods are pricey but the quality is unsurpassed. Even if you don't buy anything, a browse through this place is recommended for its museum-like documented displays of artefacts."

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Selected Guide Book References

Collectable Malaysia, Lucien de Guise, The Python Press, 2001 - "The most ambitious single-tenant emporium in Malaysia keeps growing. The Suria KLCC escalotor that takes visitors to the Petronas Gallery also deposits them at the doors of Pucuk Renung. Every aspect of local heritage is on display, but not all of it is of sale... Having a Sarawakian proprietor means that East Malaysia has not been left out, but it is Peninsular Malaysia which is covered in the greatest depth. Jewellery, textiles, wood carvings, metalwork and every other significant element of Malay culture are out in force, supported by regional wares. The contemporary arts have not been left out..."


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Pucuk Rebung was created as a unique Malaysian and Malay world lifestyle institution to celebrate the rich cultural diversity and aesthetic richness of all Malaysians past and present.

We are fully dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the best traditional and artistic endeavours across the cultural landscape of Malaysia, reflecting the dynamic unity in diversity of our peoples through art and cultural heritage that transcends all communal, religious and social lines, expressed as the universal language of timeless ART and BEAUTY, in this harmonious multicultural land of ours.


To elevate Malaysian art forms, particularly cultural and heritage aspects to world-class standard through sharing, education and improvements with revitalization, at home and abroad.